Assalamu-alaikum shekhna My name is Saara and I am the wife of Ramzi Elsayed, I had wanted to ask you about a dream I have had about my mother who passed away many years ago. I saw that she was lying on a bed dead, her face was covered with a sheet. The sheet began moving as if she is gasping for breath and is still alive. We opend the sheet, she was very beautiful and young looking. 2 people tried to breath into her mouth, but could not bring her back to life. I breathed into her mouth and she woke up. I held her in my arms and said to her "that was not any breath, that breath was full of thikr." I woke up very very happy. My question to you is what should I be doing for my mother? I read Quran for her daily, I give charity on her behalf all the time. Is she asking me to do something else for her? Please forgive me for the long question. I thank you for your time. Please write back to me in Arabic, as I understand Arabic but do not have it on my computer. Wasalam Saara

بارك الله فيك ورؤيا طيبة ومباركة لوالدتك وهي في خير  ودلالة على انها من اهل الذكر وينبغي لك ان تكوني مثلها في الذكر وان تتصدقي لها وهي تحبك وان ثواب ما تعملينه لها يصلها.