Assalaamu Alaykum, Dear Shaykh Habib Hussein al-Saqqaf, My question is regarding exercise and body building. To what extent is this permissible. Like is it only permissible just to keep in good health or can we do it so we look good but not to the extent that we show off. What would you recommend? Sorry for taking up your time. I look forward to hearing from you. Wassalaamu Alaykum

Islam pointed out to take care of the health in order to be able to worship ALLAH almighty,because The prophet-peace be upon him- said that the strong mumin(believer) is better and more beloved to ALLAH from the weak one..or as said..and the beloved one-peace be upon him was strong where as he fought the strongest people in Mecca,and he used to race with his wife Aisha. But the most important thing is to be in the purpose of supporting to obey and fight for the sake of ALLAH and defend the honor of his family and help the weak and stop the unjust who agresses people or money or honor,but for the purpose of having a good look it’s ok but add the intentions I mention and good goals,so you’ll be recompensed with merits while you’re playing sports.