By Name of ALLAH the Merciful and the Compassionate, Peace and ALLAHs mercy and blessings, Confusing Intellectual suspicions praises be to ALLAH and prayers for the prophet(peace be upon him) 1-Why do we pray only in Arabic language unlike other religions? 2-why is the human judged for his tasks although he wasn’t created according to his own will and he didn’t choose his existence in this life and he neither chose the existence of good and evil nor the existence of faith and disbelief, so how come he will be judged for something he did even if it was evil if he didn’t make it in the origin. If so the judgement,the humans should not exist so they wont be tortured in this world and the eternal hereafter. A problem that he believes in ALLAH and doesn’t believe in the eternal torture. 3-what do you say in an illiterate believer who lived his whole life in poverty and complaining his poor condition where he says whats my sin in all this and objects from destiny and fate and says why all this? how can we convince him note that hes illiterate. 4-The Jew who was born in a Jewish family and was forced to hate Islam and Muslims how he will be judged and hes innocent born in a Jewish family and his parents did all their best so he would hate Islam and if ALLAH almighty guided him to seek for Islam,by collision with muslims bitter reality that is filled with suspicions, sectarian sedition and conflicts,underdevelopments,blind deviation from terrorism and tightening and underdevelopment,so how can Islam be viewed with a good look where all these things are a barrier between it and converting to Islam. 5-If we look at the reality of the world, we find it bad,bitter,full of seditions,wars,scourges caused by disagreements and sectarian tendencies of all kinds,If we look closely at this awful situation,wed find some people are disgusted and upset from this blind chaos and say this world is a game note that ALLAH almighty sees all this.Its just like people in this world if they were in the boxing ring fighting for win or loss and the crowd shouting and in the end its just a game. Evil, goodness, faith and disbelief,all weren’t created by a creature.Please save us with the answers

Arabic is the language of the Quran, which is ALLAH’s challenge to everyone till the Day of Judgement.and for that the Arabic language is the language of religion and not just a language to be learned understand this. then that means that every Muslim must learn Arabic language to understand the Quran or Sunna,but to compare or measure Islam to other religions that’s a big mistake because there’s no religion except Islam and no such things called other religions, but they’re called legislations like the legislation of Mousa(Moses),Issa(Jesus) and others but the religion is one
The fact that human wasn’t created according to his own will is true, but the fact that he’s judged for his tasks is because he had done them according to his will and I give you an example: ALLAH created water and juice and ALLAH created wine and told you: drink water and juice but don’t drink wine.. If the human drinks wine he will be judged for that because he drank wine according to his will and no one forced him to do that!!,Even if an unjust person forced him to drink wine and drunk it he wont be judged because he was forced to do it by unjust or immoral ..
As for the unbeliever, ALLAH gave him a brain to think,see him able to discover the secrets and wonders of the universe,and what’s in the human body in the science of medicine and wonders of creatures and open space and the planets and went to the moon and invented computers and the Internet and then all this didn’t lead him to worship ALLAH ? worshipped another God and some worshipped the cruciform and I wonder a God being crucified??
Some of them worship a cow!! !! Some of them worship fire!! They do not want introversion and adhere to the provisions, but want to go on with their lusts and porno so nothing will disturb them,those with their many worships but their worship is one which is their desire ,ALLAH almighty said(أفرأيت من اتخذ إلهه هواه)which means did you see who took his God to be his desire? Those worship their whims and desires.
As also for the illiterate who complains of poverty and says what’s his fault .. I would say is poverty a punishment?If poverty was a punishment then ALLAH wouldn’t make it the slogan of all prophets and the slogan of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him that he and his family spent nights without food .. and then if ALLAH tested the human(which is his servant) with poverty and he couldn’t stand it what servant is this?If you were the head of the family and lost your trade and your children came to you and told you that you are a poor and shaggy person and we don’t love you and you’re not our father and we will kill you and go to another man and make it a father to us? ..Does that makes sense?then you say if you were my kids you would be patient it means you love my money you don’t love me.. And thereby the servant,I know a lot of poor Muslims that are living in a better situation because they are satisfied from ALLAH and the muslim if he lived poor in this world the eternal bliss is waiting for in the hereafter, or what’s the benefit of richness and wealth then followed by death and extinction
Some ALLAH gave them wealth then they disbelieved in him and related his bliss to another and used this bliss in doing sins,that’s why ALLAH sometimes makes his servant poor due to his mercy because of his knowledge that if he made him rich he would disbelieve in ALLAH and would be arrogant on other people and would take people’s rights as you see today
As for the Jewish or Christian or others who lived in his family and caused him to hate Islam you say how is he judged.we say from the brain that ALLAH provided him to think with and if he didn’t think with it then he’s just an animal which eats and drinks and marries. And therefore if he was in such situation he should discuss about Islam and ask for right sources which is the Quran and then asks about Islam among its people and believers not its enemies. It is folly and ignorance and stupidity to take the information from an enemy, there is no doubt that the Jewish,who is the enemy,will force his children to hate Islam.. then this Jewish who is searching for Islam, he must search about it from the beginning and not the end I mean he shouldn’t look at some muslims nowadays,he must look at it from the beginning of what Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him came with.
Then this Jewish can look for Islam in any channel speaking his language and it exists,he also can search the Internet and there are hundreds of Islamic sites that talk about Islam and he himself can travel to Islamic countries and search for Islam scholars even search in tourism and other
Then the differences he sees between communities and between scientists that’s a difference in the branches or sections not the origin where the origin is one:The Quran and right Sunna,and the difference in understanding between muslims in the branches or sections with the uniqueness of origin demonstrates the wideness of Islam and that it’s not narrow,where disputes and disagreements represent their people not represent Islam but they all have one source and they’re united in the origin but are different in the understanding of branches or sections and this is a great wisdom for those who understand
But when you see those who are Christians for example tell me how many parts do they have?How many copies of the Bible have been twisted? How can they be united with their different sources??!
As for the reality of the world today it is the outcome of what they did with their hands and the patient believer wont be judged for that if he was patient and the servant who is impatient about ALLAH’s scourge and wants everything available for him and under his control this is not a servant this a God!!And instead of having one God to be worshipped each one became the God of himself!!
The wonder is whether all the chaos are of the Muslim reactions?Dont you watch television screens?Who defeated Palestinian people from their country? Slaughter and the killing of children and women in Iraq and other .. My Brother be fair
See the history of the world under Islam previously when muslims strongly held on their religion even non-Muslims came to them in order to save them from the oppression of their rulers as when they were under the rule Muhammad Al-Fatih and others..
Who finds that the world game is blind and ignorant and foolish,Is ALLAH’s creation of human and all organs of the body a game?And is the digestive system and the mind and taste and perception and understanding and the will, liver and heart and arteries, chest, hands and legs, eyes, hearing and vision .. Is all this a game?? And the sun and moon, day and night, stars and the rain and the fetus Is all that a game??
Subhan ALLAH I wonder