Five attributes to be devouted in your prayers

Praises be to Allah,And I testify that there is no God but ALLAH alone without a partner,One in himself,One is his attributes,unique in singularity,unique in finding, unique in pleasing,unique,in supplying,Your God who created you,and tomorrow makes you stand between his hands(وقفوهم إنهم مسؤولون)

They’re responsible.Today you sit between his hands,and tomorrow between his hands you stand,If you sit well in the masjid,in one of his houses,you stand well between his hands on the judgement day,Oh ALLAH make us stand well between your hands,and make us present in your generosity areas Oh the most generous and the most compassionate. And I ensure prayers and peace be upon the intercessor of people, the light of darkness,the shaded with clouds,the forwarded on the crowded day,The best of ALLAH almighty and most majesty’s creation,the best of whom walked on the ground,the best of whom kneeled to ALLAH,the best of whom cried to ALLAH,the best of whom were humble for ALLAH,the best of whom prayed for ALLAH almighty and most majesty,He’s the chosen from Adnan,the selected,and he’s the beloved one for ALLAH,-peace be upon him- and his family,and all other prophets and messengers,and his family and companions and followers,and on us and them with your mercy Oh the most compassionate. so Then, dear loved ones,May ALLAH reward the sheikh the best recompense,and I am less from what he said but I came as a listener deriving from the people of this country; Al-sham country(Syria),even with the differences of its cities and villages,it’s stated,your country was stated from the beloved one -peace be upon him-,and pointed and spoke of your country,but the great companions,companions of the Prophet -peace be upon him-,their ears heard of Hims(In Syria)and heard of Al-Ghuta,from the mouth of the Prophet -peace be upon him-, and from his tongue as if they were promised to step on the ground of this good country,here is sir Khalid bin Al-Waleed he stepped here and he has a part of the brightness of the beloved one -peace be upon him-,thus,the ground gets happy with whom step on it,and also dismays with whom step on it from the bad people and ALLAH almighty forbid ,praises be to ALLAH for this gathering.Dear loved ones,from ALLAH’s grace one me and you,that he made for the servant with his lord a connection,he conncets with him five times a day,prayer connection,where you stand between ALLAH almighty’s hands.

The minute you enter the masjid,the minute you enter with your right leg,do you know what’s the secret?Why do we enter the masjid with our right leg?What results from this?what’s the difference?maybe someone will come and say what’s the difference whether I enter with my right or left leg?no there’s a wide difference,but the one who doesn’t have enough amount of knowledge and brightness of faith,he doesn’t know anything of the religion’s knowledge.Subhan ALLAH(glory be to ALLAH),the scholars ALLAH’s blessings be released upon them said that every prophetic manner,and prophetic sunna has its results on the judgement day,In this life before the eternal hereafter,the scholars said who got used to entering the masjid with his right leg,ALLAH firmed and set his leg on the path(the one we pass on the judgement day),Subhan ALLAH(glory be to ALLAH),you step here and set there,you plant here and harvest there,and subhan ALLAH(glory be to ALLAH) we’re in month of Rajab,the scholars say month of Rajab is the month of seeding,you have seeds throw them in the ground,seed of repentance repent to ALLAH almighty,seed of approaching towards ALLAH throw it in your land,month of rajab is month of seeding,and month of Shabaan is the month of irrigating,and month of Ramadan is the month of harvest,Oh ALLAH as you allowed us to attain month of Rajab bless it for us,and allow us to attain month of Shabaan and month of Ramadan.So the minute you enter the masjid,and enter with your right leg,you feel and connect your heart there on the judgement day and say Oh ALLAH I followed you prophet -peace be upon him- and I believe and I enter with my right leg perhaps if the path was put infront of me you set and firm my leg on the judgement day,then you enter the masjid.The scholars said 5 attributes,If they were found in you while you’re entering the masjid,you’re khashi’ (devouted),and if one attribute was missing then there’s a decline in your devoutness.and ALLAH almighty,has judged and his judgement doesn’t get changed or replaced that no one is a winner unless he is devouted: (قد أفلح المؤمنون*الذين هم في صلاتهم خاشعون)

Oh ALLAH make us from them,How to be devouted?five attributes,if they were found in you then you’re devouted,

first attribute,is to be embarrassed from ALLAH,you enter embarrassed,ashamed from ALLAH,you’re in one of his houses,you step with your foot that disobeyed ALLAH almighty,and you disobeyed ALLAH with your eyes,and you disobeyed ALLAH with your ears,and you disobeyed ALLAH with your heart,and you disobeyed ALLAH with your brain even the brain disobeys ALLAH almighty,even the brain can be devouted.

From the prayers of the prophet -peace be upon him- if he bowed(My brain devouts for you,and my bones,and hair,and skin,and blood,and veins for ALLAH lord of the worlds.Devoutness reaches until the brain,reaches until the blood,reaches until the hair,devouted hair?devouted blood?devouted skin?their skins get chilled

(إنما المؤمنون الذين إذا ذكر الله وجلت قلوبهم) The believers if ALLAH was mentioned to them,their hearts shiver,either fearing him….or missing him.Subhan ALLAH(glory be to ALLAH) Oh ALLAH make us from them oh the most generous and the most compassionate.My brain devouted for you,how many years you’re praying,your hair turned gray,and your back is bent,and your skin is wrinkled,tell me for God’s sake did the devoutness reach the brain?The prophet -peace be upon him- says my brain,bones,hair,skin,blood and veins are devouted for ALLAH lord of the worlds,subhan ALLAH(glory be to ALLAH),devoutness is not only in the heart,but the whole body as well,so you enter the masjid ashamed from ALLAH,some of the previous good people if he came to the masjid looks first before he enters,if he didn’t see anyone he waits at the door,subhan ALLAH(glory be to ALLAH),waits until a man comes so he’d enter after him,he was told why don’t you enter?he replied I fear to be the first to enter and ALLAH looks at me and avoids me,because I have sins,it reached that he’s embarrassed from ALLAH to be the first to enter of course this is a level of presence and observation of ALLAH almighty and most majesty.Subhan ALLAH(glory be to ALLAH),previous good people said that there are some words if you repeat them ALLAH will give you the secret of presence,even (Ibn Al Qayyim mentioned it in his book Madarij Al salikeen) : ALLAH ma’ee(ALLAH is with me),ALLAH hadiree(ALLAH is present with me),ALLAH nathiree(ALLAH watches me), ALLAH shahidee(ALLAH witnesses me),ALLAH qareeb minnee(ALLAH is close to me), memorize it my brothers,if you do,ALLAH will give you a heart that is present with him,ALLAH is with me,memorize,record in your brain,record in your heart, ALLAH ma’ee(ALLAH is with me),ALLAH hadiree(ALLAH is present with me),ALLAH nathiree(ALLAH watches me),ALLAH shahidee(ALLAH witnesses me),ALLAH qareeb minnee(ALLAH is close to me,you say it before you sleep 3 times and subhan ALLAH(glory be to ALLAH),keep on saying them and inshallah devoutness reaches to the heart if ALLAH almight permits.Subhan ALLAH(glory be to ALLAH) if you enter embarrassed from ALLAH,ALLAH gets embarrassed to turn you down,Subhan ALLAH(glory be to ALLAH),ALLAH got ashamed to turn you down.and so,the second attribute,is the greatness

You enter sensing the greatness,greatness of ALLAH,greatness of the house of ALLAH,do you know what greatness means?it doesn’t mean that you enter and you’re polite from the outside of course it’s required but sensing greatness is you enter and throw everything but ALLAH outside the masjid,you’re inside of ALLAH almighty’s house,you’re not supposed to enter anything with you but him almighty, (قل الله ثم ذرهم في خوضهم يلعبون)

Almighty and most majesty,that’s why if you enter the masjid sense the greatness of ALLAH and you do this by not thinking in anyone or anything but him,some of the previous good people when they start their prayers,they enter in a situation of presence with ALLAH,situation of devoutness with ALLAH almighty,I remember one of them was in Yemen,from our latest scholars ALLAH’s mercy be upon him,of course he got old,he was the from the Quran’s people,when I say Quran’s people I mean forethought,memorising,and reading,if he enters al fajr prayer specifically,and was the imam(leader),he chooses long suras from Quran,so he prays,and gets into the reading,tasting it until the sun rises,the sun rises and this sheikh is still praying,he’s out of this world,enjoying,he tasted sweetness of faith of Quran,Subhan ALLAH(glory be to ALLAH),that’s why the formers the Quran used to enter their hearts,their hearings their visions,but I fear today we’re from the people that were told about them that the Quran doesn’t pass their throats,pleasing voices and the heart is empty,ALLAH almighty says(مهطعين مقنعي رؤوسهم لا يرتد إليهم طرفهم وأفئدتهم هواء) nothing inside,emptiness,oh ALLAH

،(ولا تحسبن الله غافلا عما يعمل الظالمون إنما يؤخؤهم ليوم تشخص فيه الأبصار*مهطعين مقنعي رؤوسهم لا يرتد إليهم طرفهم وأفئدتهم هواء)،

Empty.empty from loving ALLAH,empty from missing ALLAH,where are the criers in the dark nights?where are those who forsake their beds?where are the kneelers?my Brothers,If the believer dies,who’s the first to cry for him?his mihrab and the place where he kneeled his forehead,if the believer dies,the first to cry for me and for losing you and missing you is your mihrab and the place you kneel and put your forehead for ALLAH almighty,he’s the one who cries oh I miss that forehead,Oh I miss who cried,Oh I miss the kneeler,Oh I miss the bower,cries and cries and cries and cries,If the believer dies,his mihrab and the place where he kneels cry for him,Subhan ALLAH(glory be to ALLAH),that’s why the prophet -peace be upon him- and his family said that earth was made a masjid for me,and its land clean,where ever you are,and the prayer time enters pray

فأينما تولوا فثم وجه الله))

If you had to pray and you’re on top of the moon,pray,If you reached to mars,pray,if you were in the deep sea,pray,if you were between the sky and earth,pray,kneel to ALLAH. Learn the meaning to kneel,the scholars say,that the moment of kneeling for ALLAH,ALLAH opens the hearts of the servant,and is guided to the light of his God,my brothers,guideness is two types:guidness of the general,and guideness of the for the guidness of the general,it’s guiding the servants to enter in Islam,if the servant became a muslim.he’s moved to a higher level of serving ALLAH,higher level of serving ALLAH,subhan ALLAH(glory be to ALLAH),this is the guideness of the general,but from some servants ALLAH chooses people,and this is the other type of guideness,which is known as the light guideness .ALLAH almighty says:

(الله نور السماوات والارض مثل نوره كمشكاة فيها مصباح المصباح في زجاجة الزجاجة كانها كوكب دري يوقد من شجرة مباركة زيتونة لا شرقية ولا غربية يكاد زيتها يضيء ولو لم تمسسه نار نور على نور يهدي الله لنوره من يشاء )

ALLAH guides to his light..guidance of the chosen ones oh ALLAH guide us to your light.You’re now in the masjid,you have the guidance of the general where as you all believe in ALLAH almighty and belief in his beloved chosen one -peace be upon him-,and he chose you,and he selected you,and he made you love faith and put it in your heart so praises be to ALLAH,you were born from muslim parents,you weren’t born and found your father an unbeliever or other,so praises be to ALLAH,this is called an optional favor without asking,you didn’t ask to be a muslim,your mother gave birth to you and you hear ALLAHU akbar ALLAHU akbar,you heard your father says athan(calls)in your right ear,and yuqeem(reside prayer) in your left ear,praises be to ALLAH you’re from the muslims.this is an optional favor ALLAH chose it for you,and this is called ihsan(beneficence),who is the muhsin(beneficent)? … ALLAH..why?because he has his grace on you without you asking him Oh he’s the almighty and most majesty.what’s left for us is to ask for the guideness of the specific which is the guideness to light.Oh ALLAH guide us to your light that’s why the Prophet -peace be upon him- made from his prayers:Oh ALLAH enlighten my hearing,enlighten my vision,enlighten my heart)-peace be upon him- and family and companion.Oh ALLAH make us from the light’s people..So you enter the masjid sensing greatness of ALLAH,if you entered go towards the first row,why?the scholars said,if a person always prayed in the first row,and kept on doing it,on the judgement day he’ll be in the first row behind the messenger of ALLAH -peace be upon him- and his family,subhan ALLAH(glory be to ALLAH),be the first here you be the first there,the Hypocrites In the time of the prophet -peace be upon him-,arrive late to the prayer the muezzin calls ALLAHU Akbar ALLAHU Akbar

And they arrive late,and they miss the first (takbeera),and they miss the first rak’ah,so the prophet -peace be upon him- stands on his platform,if he sees those people entering late he says,still there are people arriving late until ALLAH delay them,on the judgement day,they be in the last rows,Oh ALLAH make us is the first row,the first row my brothers,when the prophet -peace be upon him- arrives under the throne,and kneels for ALLAH that special kneel,Oh how great it is,he’s told Muhammad,put your head up,and speak you’ll be heard,and be the intercessor,so when he stands up,and praises ALLAH with phrases ALLAH teaches him,he turns around towards the people behind him,the first he looks at are the first row,and the first row covers between the east and west,their faces glow more than the moon,Oh ALLAH make us from them,make us from the first row’s people on the judgement day,Oh the most generous,because heaven’s people do not enter one by one,they enter as a group, وسيق الذين اتقوا ربهم إلى الجنة زمرا)

And the best group is the one that the prophet -peace be upon him- was in,because every group has a leader, (يوم ندعو كل أناس بإمامهم)

If your leader was the prophet -peace be upon him- you entered with him to heaven and the first row’s people enter holding hands,the row covers between east and west,The prophet -peace be upon him-,sir Abu Bakr,sir Othman,sir Ali,the seniors,the ten who were told they’ll enter heaven,bad invasion’s people,uhud invasion’s people,alridwan homage’s people,sir Khalid bin Al-Walid and others and others then the followers then the best then the best then the best,maybe ALLAH enters you with them,Oh ALLAH make us with them,subhan ALLAH(glory be to ALLAH),subhan ALLAH(glory be to ALLAH),you’re with whom you love if you loved them,if you got into them,even if your tasks were less than theirs but try,maybe ALLAH will judge that you be with them,one of the Bedouins from the desert,subhan ALLAH(glory be to ALLAH),he liked the face of the prophet -peace be upon him-,dignity,light,purity,subhan ALLAH(glory be to ALLAH),who sees him loves him,even if he was an enemy,even if he was an enemy,and Abu Gahl(his uncle but he’s an unbeliever) said that the prophet -peace be upon him- is truthful,but his arrogance made him become arrogant on ALLAH almighty,ALLAH this man came and passed by the prophet’s- -peace be upon him—masjid,and saw the prophet -peace be upon him- sitting in the middle between his companions,his companions are moons,as if there are birds on their heads,because of their great serenity and devoutness and politeness between the hands of ALLAH and the hands of their prophet -peace be upon him-,the birds come and nest on their heads,subhan ALLAH(glory be to ALLAH),so this man came,looking,who are these people?so he asked:where’s Muhammad?they said that white man sitting infront of you,they meant the beloved one -peace be upon him-,they said this glowing white man that you see,so he entered and passed the rows he’s Bedouin he doesn’t know the manners of entering the masjid. Lifts his feet over their necks until he reached to the prophet be upon him and sat the Bedouin sitting,then he said : O Muhammad,he replied:yes,he said:the person loves the people(it means I love you and I love your people) but he didn’t do his tasks; I don’t have tasks I am a from the Bedouin I have camels and cows and sheep to raise them,he replied: you are with whom you love.That’s why we try our best and your love and missing to be with them,ALLAH gathers you with them,maybe, when the time comes to stand between ALLAH’s hands,and one of the angels comes and calls,names of Badr invasion’s people,he reads all the names,then you hear yours,that’s my name!!i’m not from Badr invasion’s people I didn’t attend with them but you loved them so we gathered you with them,Oh ALLAH gather us with them,Ibn Masud says may ALLAH be pleased of him,if a man worshipped ALLAH 70 years between the rukn and maqam(in kaaba) in Mecca,your eyes sees nothing but the kaaba,kneeling bowing,ALLAH sends him only with whom he loves,where’s your hear?who do you think of?and how many people sitting in the masjid and his heart is in the market,and his heart,I wonder what did my wife cooked for us for dinner?he thinks of his dinner,he thinks of his food,you wont come out with nothing ALLAH almighty will honor you,subhan ALLAH(glory be to ALLAH),my brothers,ALLAH’s honor and generosity differs in accordance of what his servants think of him and approach towards him,some of them ALLAH forgives their sins of a day,some a week,some a year,some two years,ten year,some everything they’ve done,is there something greater?some of them their sins are converted to merits,and this is the most generous from ALLAH,that he forgives your sins,you come guilty,ok we forgive you enter heaven,this is called generosity but the most of generosity is that he forgives your sins,and hides your faults,and converts your sins to merits,Oh ALLAH enter us in the generosity hour,

(ما غرك بربك الكريم)
I was tempted by your generosity,by your bounty,by your charity,subhan ALLAH(glory be to ALLAH)

The third attribute,is the dignity,you be a man feeling dignity towards ALLAH almighty,and the man with dignity doesn’t look around neither with his eyes nor his heart, enter to the masjid,pray in the first row,don’t turn around left and right,where as ALLAH ordered one of his prophets which is our lord Lut,to go out of the village,and not turn around(ولا يلتفت منكم احد)

If you just turn around,you’re doomed, (ولا يلتفت منكم احدا وامضوا حيث تؤمرون) but his wife turned around when she heard the sound of torture on her parents,she yelled oh my family so she was hit by a rock,so she died,she disobeyed the order,subhan ALLAH(glory be to ALLAH),so enter and don’t look at the ceiling and don’t look at zayd or amre and no other,go towards ALLAH,get out of this mortal life so you be dignified with that dignity.

Then the other attribute,the fourth attribute,is to fear from ALLAH almighty,you fear after you entered one of his houses,after you prayed you fear that ALLAH doesn’t accept you,you must fear,you must fear,that’s why your fear is your safety,your fear is your safety,the scholars say,the sign of accepting the task is the fear of not accepting the task,and the sign of accepting the fasting of Ramadan is the fear of not accepting the fasting of Ramadan,,and the sign of dying with a good end is fearing of dying with a bad end,so who fears is secured,and who feels secured fears,subhan ALLAH(glory be to ALLAH)

The fifth attribute,subhan ALLAH(glory be to ALLAH) is the attribute of please(hope),if you fear him you feel pleased from him,that’s why from the prophet’s prayers -peace be upon him- was Oh ALLAH I seek your protection in your satisfaction from your dissatisfaction,and in your forgiveness from your punishment,and I seek your protection from you to you..)subhan ALLAH(glory be to ALLAH) you run away from ALLAH and go to who?to do you fear him then return to him?this can only be for ALLAH almighty and most majesty,I fear you O ALLAH I disobeyed you I made sins,I’m a bad person I’m ashamed ok I should go to who?to sins are between your hands..that’s why,each one of you now,before I end these words,think of your tasks book(the one where your sins are merits are written)and sense that its pages are opened between the hands of ALLAH almighty,he’s the one who reads you,reads your book,reads your heart,reads your eyes,reads your ears,aren’t you ashamed from ALLAH almighty?

We turn to him Almighty and most majesty, Oh ALLAH don’t let us leave but with a forgiven sin,and hidden defects,and a trade that wont fade Oh ALLAH don’t leave for us an unforgiven sin,or an unhidden defect,or an uncured patient,Oh ALLAH we oppressed ourselves and if you don’t forgive us and have mercy upon us we’ll be from those who lose,Oh ALLAH we’re between your hands,and ourselves aren’t hidden for you,so we ask you Oh ALLAH a look from your looks and a moment of your moments and a breeze from your breezes and a light from your light enters into the hearts of the people present here oh the most generous and most compassionate,oh ALLAH one of your looks in this hour,here we are between your hands,our pages of sins are opened between your hands,I cant find anyone to forgive them but you,if I knew my father would forgive them I’d go to him,If I knew my mother would forgive them I’d go to her,but I knew that no one forgives them but you Oh ALLAH my sins and the present people’s sins forgive them,forgive them O ALLAH,convert our sins to merits,make us from the close ones Oh the most generous.we entered the masjid with your permission,you permitted us to enter ,you invited us you called us oh how great you are,how generous,oh ALLAH cover us with your generosity cover and your charity cover let us taste the sweetness of being close to you,sweetness of calling you,sweetness of your Quran,Oh ALLAH make each of these hearts enlightened with mentioning you enlightened with the light of Quran enlightened with the light of faith don’t darken them on the judgement day don’t reveal their nakedness on the judgment day don’t diform their faces on the judgement day, if we were brought and called by our name on the judgement day,to stand between the hand of ALLAH,cover on us that day,cover on us that day,give us our books with our right hands,gather us with the prophet -peace be upon him-,oh ALLAH we believed in him and our eyes miss seeing him,we had faith in him,we eminent his companions who saw him,who shook hands with him who heard his speech who loved him who hugged him who prayed behind him who fought with him,we eminent them and we testify that we love them so oh ALLAH gather us in their group,gather us tomorrow in their group,oh ALLAH these eyes make them look at your generous face,look at your beloved one’s face -peace be upon him-,if we were brought on the judgement tell us leave your sins are forgiven,your sins are converted to merits oh ALLAH we’re between your hands,pleasing your mercy fearing your punishment oh the most generous most compassionate,Oh ALLAH bless this masjid and who built it and who prayed in it whether imam or follower,preacher or listener and who read Quran in it and who gloried ALLAH in it,and who praised ALLAH in it and who cried for ALLAH in it and who repented to ALLAH in it and who stayed in it,and who spent on it and who was in it,oh ALLAH make this masjid a witness for those who prayed in it on the judgement day. Oh the most generous and most compassionate,you gathered us with these brothers,we only loved them for your sake,so if you gathered us in this world I ask you to gather us couches facing one another,oh ALLAH let us drink from the prophet’s -peace be upon him- generous hands a drink that we never get thirst after it.O ALLAH O ALLAH O ALLAH how happy we’re tonight and you acctepted us to be from your guests,you permitted us to call you,you permitted us to ask you oh how great you are,don’t turn these hands down,don’t turn us down don’t turn us neither expelled nor shamed.who I call and say his name if your favor on your servants was forbidden,I have no strength but to knock your door If I was turned down then who’s door should I knock?if only a good person can please you then the guilty to whom shall return? To you oh ALLAH..God of obeyers and disobeyers,repent on us,fills our bodies and brains and heart and soul,oh the most generous and most compassionate,make us from your beloved ones,make us from your chosen ones,guide muslim youth and muslim girls and their men and women just they way you like and satisfy oh the most generous and most compassionate,make our last worlds la ilah illa ALLAH(that there is no god but ALLAH)la ilah illa ALLAH I die with it, la ilah illa ALLAH I enter my grave with it, la ilah illa ALLAH I stay alone with it, la ilah illa ALLAH I meet ALLAH with it,our lord Muhammad -peace be upon him-,make our end a good one,remind of la ilah illa ALLAH Muhammad rasool ALLAH,Oh ALLAH we keep this word with you so keep it oh the best keeper,so when death comes return this word to us so we say la ilah illa ALLAH and our spirits go out clean and pure oh the most generous and most compassionate and prayers and peace on our lord Muhammad and his family and companions

And praises be to ALLAH lord of the worlds