assalamu alaykum my name is jess and am a young muslimah living and working in the UAE. I had a dream 2 DREAMS, The first oneis where i was sitting down, kneeling on the floor next to a single pious male scholar who in the dream was givning a class about islam to a group of peopple. In the dream , a baby had aproached him with a question about sinning who was speaking in baby language and he asked me to come and sit right next to him and to tell this baby in the baby language a fatwa about sinning as he was unable to speak the language. the room was full of students aurrounding this shiek. In this dream i was completely covered with a white veil and deep deep deep dark green abayah. The brother is someone who i know of yet rarely spoken to or acquainted with. The second dream i had was about my brother who was asked in a dream to go to yemen under water and to return the key to a holy islamic city. he was asked to go on a pilgrimage based on a hadith about these keys being able to open a wall or a city on the day of judgement.

may God bless you sister Jess

The first dream means that you’ll learn the Sharee’a (the Islamics sciences) and you’ll be a faqeehah (a knowledgeable person about the fiqh) and the green dress indicates for shahada (martyring).
The second dream means that the brother that you have mentioned will become a Muslim (in case if he is not), and he will be a good state and a good shape, he will have a nice relationship with the people of Yemen and In Shaa Allah he’ll get guidance through them and he’ll get khair and good