Assalaamu alaikum Ya Shaykh, It is a privilege to be able to ask a question to such a shaykh as your self who is, praise be to Allah a living pillar of the muslim ummah. May I also congratulate you on the translated lectures that are available on your website which are really helpful to people living in the west. They have been of a unlimited help to me. My question is regarding taraweeh prayers of Ramadan. Is it 8 or 20 rakahs? Wassalaamu alaikum

 ..Waalaikum assalam  ..thank you for your greeting it is make me happy
you ask  about how many raka? of taraweeh ? most of scholars of sunna say 20  and it was the time of Omar ibn khattab and sahaba at his time ..he had collected all sahab on one imam praying 20  and sill to this time
the others says  taraweeh is 8 but they understood hadeeth of prophet wrong ..the hadeeth was talking about salat alwitir not taraweeh