Some questions from sisters in Mexico: 1- I’m munoz yadira, me and my husband meet by internet and I go to Morocco to meet him and we decide getting married a short time we have to meet each other. (we pass short time meeting each other) now we have 2 years that we married but we have a lot of differences and we try our marriage getting better but sometimes I feel a servant in everything! And if he has his pleasure in bed he is fine and this make me feel use maybe culture...I don’t know sister but I don’t know what to do. And one causes of these differences is because I have more years than him and I have different vision in a lot of things sometimes I think to leave everything. This sister lives in Guadalajara. (One part of Mexico)BUT THE MSULIM DONT SEE EACH OTHER I was thinking a lot of want I hear one time, that was special shaytan to ruin the marriage specially the 2 years!!(A lot of difference with each other) and that marriage is our half of religion not because we remember ALLAH together because is when the women really have to show her patient! All her cultures bad and good very close to his husband. 2- How we can live in a pure life with Allah and all the things around us in the environment? 3- I’m Vicky I ask for advice I’m a new Muslim what you recommend me I feel alone a lot and managing in the activities and these things 4- Asalamu alikom wa rahmatu Allah wa barakatu Shiek Hussan, I would like to ask you about my friend who convert to Islam before 6 months she is from Mexico and she lived in non Muslim environment, she didn’t find Muslim people around her! Just on the internet, so she finds some difficulties in practice Islam! She asked: How can I do to discipline myself to get familiar with the Prayer? Fulfill the prayer, As you born in Muslim environment to see your dad and mom fulfill with the Prayer I try to have the habit, but sometimes is difficult to remind the hours and after to make up the Prayers (Qada) but I get confuse, I don’t know what do you have to get accustom to pray in the regular time? And one day brother tells me that for you (the born Muslim) teaching from 7 years to 10 is an obligation! So shiek, can you please give me advice for her, what she can do? Remember us in your Dua! 5_ أخت من المكسيك: عمري 25 من المكسيك وأسلمت منذ 3 سنوات ولكن تزوجت وأعيش الآن في ألمانيا تسأل: إنني قلقه على أم زوجي فهي ألمانية كاثوليكية وأنا وزوجي فقط مسلمين وعائلتنا كلهم كاثوليك فانا أتمنى أن اخبرها عن الإسلام، بعض الأحيان أحاول أن أحدثها ولكن كلماتي لا تكفي الناس هنا كلهم مشغولون بأعمالهم أحاول كذلك أن اظهر لها الإسلام بأعمالي والدعاء إلى الله ليساعدني وكذلك اصبر وأكون محسنه للجميع في المنزل وثم أفكر واشعر انه لا يوجد حل سوى الصبر !! المشكلة أننا لا نستطيع التواصل مع بعض بشكل جيد فهي لا تعرف الانجليزية إلا قليل وأنا لا اعرف اللغة الألمانية وهذه طريقة تواصلنا. وسألتني أيضاً: تربيت على النصرانية وأتذكر انه في الكنيسة كانوا يخبروننا عن حب سيدنا عيسى، فكنت اشعر بذلك واراه من حولي في المنزل ونحن نؤمن أن سيدنا عيسى نبي مرسل من الله ونحن نحبه، ثم الآن عندما أسلمت وعرفت ماذا يعني سيدنا عيسى في الإسلام ولكن بقي في قلبي مكانه خاصة سيدنا عيسى واحترام في قلبي لأنه مرسل من الله ليعطينا رسالة الحب في الوجود الحمد لله، هل هذا نفسه الشعور من الحب الذي يجب أن يكون لسيدنا محمد وكيف يكون الحب له هل مجرد احترام أو كيف يكون الحب؟ كيف يكون الحب لسيدنا محمد؟. Jazakum Allah khair Habib Hussen.

May ALLAH bless you my sister from Mexico,and you’re in a spiritual and faithful struggle specially that you and your husband live in a religious alienation and you’ll have the greatest reward from ALLAH if you were patient..Continue the good treatment,you can pray infront of them with devoutness ,and show good treatment to your mother-in-law and your family until they see a major difference in the treatment and may be then they’ll ask you what are all these good morals?so you say this is the Islam religion and the prophet of Islam and then step by step with your prayers maybe ALLAH will guide them. As for for your love for our lord Issa(Jesus),this is in our religion,and we love all prophets and messengers and ALLAH promised us that our lord Issa(Jesus) will show in the end of time and ordered us to follow him,and he will judge and rule by the Holly Quran,and know that our lord Issa is from the specific people with good tidings  who were told of our lord Muhammad’s arrival,so if you loved him then love our lord Muhammad because our lord Issa loved him so much and he used to tell his people about him. And how happy Lord Issa will be if you loved Lord Muhammad so much even more because he loves him more,and loving them is but sensing their greatness and respecting them and remembereing them with respects and prayers and blessings on them and championing the religion of Islam because it’s the religion of all prophets and spreads the bibliography of prophet Muhammad,and because the true bible is the one that mentioned the attributes of prophet Muhammad.That’s why if you eulogized and loved and followed our Lord Muhammad as if you followed Lord Issa(Jesus) and Mosa(Moses) and Ibrahim(Abraham) peace be upon them